Combined with tremendous energy and maintenance cost savings, and reduction in CO2 emissions, this great enhancement to the traditional single colour temperature LED Golf range allows the light colour to be selected after fitout to best optimise the colour, tones, hues and use of the lit space.


    • Robus 5 Year Warranty
    • Universal retrofit mounting design
    • Standard, emergency, microwave sensor or Dual Power options available with a choice of 4 selectable background light levels
    • Utilises high quality surface mount LED technology for:
      • Exceptional light output with low lumen depreciation and colour shift
      • Low power consumption
      • Long life
      • High efficacy
    • Colour temperature of 4000k with high CRI


    • Tray will fit many existing 2D fittings
    • No redecoration required where existing fitting is removed
    • Reduced initial cost as only the gear tray is being replaced
    • LED tray can replace existing “piecemeal” or on “as and when failed” basis providing lower initial costs
    • Emergency and integral control choices reduces install time & cost
    • Instant light for safety and working environment with option of 10, 20, 30, 50 & 100% background light levels to suit application
    • Gives users confidence as they are not walking into dark areas
    • Reduces power consumption and energy costs by up to 80% whilst in background light level mode

Application Areas: • retail shops • public buildings • communal areas • sports centres • stairwells • corridors • walkways


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