This Premium range of LED floodlights is designed with aesthetics and long life in mind. Providing much sought after energy savings these floods will enhance the look of any installation with their smooth lines and attractive features. Performance is not compromised by indoor or cold and wet outdoor applications. These high quality LED floods utilise state of the art LED technology to provide exceptionally long life which will reduce lifetime maintenance costs associated with traditional light source alternatives providing short initial cost payback periods.


    • Robus 5 Year Warranty
    • High quality, high power Secondary Phosphor LED array
    • 10W & 30W versions provide warm light colour
    • 50W, 80W, 120W & 200W versions provide a cooler light colour
    • No Ultra Violet
    • Solid state technology
    • No warm up or cool down period required by LED


    • Excellent high brightness light output with low power consumption
    • Provides very low running costs with high efficacy
    • Long life of 50,00 hours with no costly lamp replacements
    • Maintenance cost saving, particularly where access equipment is required when mounted at high level
    • Ideal for domestic application
    • Provides clear visibility for commercial & security lighting
    • Not attracted by flying insects and bugs
    • Cool to touch – no burning effect

Applications include: ● Decking areas ● Drives ● Pathways ● Sign illumination ● Wall washing ● Atriums ● Car Parks ● Hoardings ● Patios ● Church lighting ● Loading bays ● Industrial units ● Garages ● Exhibitions


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