This high performance range of LED lamps utilises COB technology to provide energy efficient and long life solutions to replace inefficient short life Halogen lamps. What is COB?

Small LED’s are more efficient at converting input power to visible light so a number of small LED’s bonded together will provide more light, produce less heat, be easier to thermally manage and inevitably have a longer life with less performance depreciation than a single larger LED of the same input power. This latest LED technology is called Chip On Board (COB).ALL lamps in the range comply with current and foreseeable EU efficacy requirements With ever rising cost of electricity these lamps provide massive savings for your home or business and often provide paybacks in months.


    • Robus 2 Year Warranty
    • Lamp housing made from (PBT) Polybutylene Terephthalate with exceptional heat conduction properties to ensure that the heat generated within the chip is conducted away for long life
    • New high quality, high brightness Chip on Board LED’s (COB) with very low power consumption of between 3.5 & 4.9 watts
    • Dimmable using leading or trailing edge dimmers
    • All lamps have an efficacy of >60 lamp lm/cctW and consume less than 5W
    • No Infra-red or UV content
    • Choice of very warm, warm or cool white light colour temperatures
    • The full range of lamps have the same footprint as traditional halogen


    • 30,000 hours average lamp life
    • No inconvenient lamp changes required
    • Over 15 times longer lamp life than Halogen
    • Fit and forget with no maintenance costs throughout life
    • Cool light beam
    • Environmentally friendly

This fantastic range is suitable for installations such as:

● Shop Window Displays ● Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions ● Commercial office buildings ● Bars & Restaurants ● Dining room, kitchen, bedrooms in the home ● Track fittings ● Retail showrooms


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