This great looking Micro-ACtivate flood range not only looks superb with its slim dimensions and simple design; it utilises Robus ACtivate driver on-board technology to provide extended reliability of the whole fitting. ACtivate technology uses fewer components to potentially fail, and NO electrolytic capacitors, the main component to fail in traditional driver design. These floods are typically used to illuminate outside locations in domestic, retail or commercial environments, but could equally be used for indoor applications such as museum or exhibition stand lighting.


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Full range from 10W to 50W with PIR options
    • Robus ACtivate true Driver-on-Board with State of the Art Integrated Chips with no traditional electrolytic capacitors provide all power supply, driver control, power factor, surge & thermal protection integrated onto the LED PCB powered direct from the mains supply
    • Utilises high quality SMD LED’s with:
      • High luminous flux
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
      • Long LED life
    • No Ultra-Violet
    • No Infra-Red


    • Suitable for the smallest back yard to a large loading area
    • No traditional electrolytic capacitors, often the cause of premature driver failure, provide long life of driver components and LED’s
    • Very efficient technology which is significantly more reliable than separate, or drivers “integrated” into the fitting
    • Provides IC control for:
      • Stable drive current to maximise LED performance and life
      • Minimum driver power losses for energy efficiency
      • Circuit and component protection for long life
    • Excellent high brightness light output comparable to high power consumption tungsten halogen and Metal Halide


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