This refined and unobtrusive non-maintained miniature emergency downlight looks really neat with its small bezel diameter and provides a great solution where a dedicated emergency fitting is preferred or the main light fitting range doesn’t have an integral emergency option.


    • Dedicated non-maintained emergency operation
    • Small diameter head finished in white
    • Provides 3-hour of emergency lighting
    • Utilises a high-quality 6,500K COB LED with charging status and emergency lighting functions in one bi-colour LED
    • Stainless Spring Steel ceiling retaining clips
    • High upper operating temperature range limit


    • A great solution where the main lighting does not or cannot incorporate integral emergency e.g. Metal Halide fittings
    • Provides excellent thermal management when in emergency operation
    • Everything is included for a plug and play solution
    • Ensures visibility is good for safe traverse of exit routes from the building
    • The emergency fitting will be ready for operation even when installed in operating temperatures of up to 40 degrees

Application Areas: Retail shops with MH lighting • Commercial offices • Restaurants, Bars & Clubs • Hotel corridors • Inside hotel rooms • Schools & colleges


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