Available in a choice of lumen packages and power ratings, these Inspire ACtivate downlights provide an energy saving, maintenance free, long life alternative to traditional PL downlights. Utilising Robus ACtivate Driver on Board technology with no electrolytic capacitors ensures that premature driver failure normally associated with traditional driver technology is alleviated. Using state of the art SMD LED technology the Inspire range provides exceptional energy savings with in excess of 55% being achieved. They comply with todays and future Building Regulation requirements with efficacy values of up to 90 luminaire lumens per circuit watt to contribute to the reduction of the buildings Carbon Footprint.


    • Robus 5 Year Warranty
    • Clean & stylish lines using plastic coated stainless steel body with polycarbonate diffuser
    • Choice of lumen packages providing 1300 to 2000 lumens
    • Only uses 16W or 22W of power
    • Utilises Robus ACtivate DOB technology
    • State of the art Integrated Chips with no traditional electrolytic capacitors provide true Driver-On-Board (DOB) technology with all power supply, driver components, power factor, surge & thermal protection integrated onto the LED PCB and powered direct from the mains supply


    • Looks neat and attractive in any installation type
    • Easy clean and less likely to harbour germs or dirt
    • Lower glare reduces eye strain and discomfort
    • Provides 18% to 25% more light than 2 x 18W or 2 x 26W PL
    • Effectively reduces the number of fittings required by around 20%
    • No traditional electrolytic capacitors for long life
    • Very efficient and significantly more reliable than separate, or drivers “integrated” into the fitting or heat sink and provides IC control for:
      • Stable drive current to maximise LED performance and life
      • Minimum driver power losses for energy efficiency
      • High power factor so no penalties from electricity supply companies
      • Circuit and component protection for long life
      • No external driver to locate in the void

Typical installations would include: ● Offices ● Health Centres ● Shops ● Universities ● Reception areas ● Schools ● Care homes ● Hospitals ● Restaurants ● Atriums ● Hotels ● Inspection areas ● Corridors ● Shopping Malls


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