ALPHA LED Corrosion Proof

These attractive fittings replace standard 36W, 58W and 70W T8, or equivalent T5 corrosion-proof fluorescents. Whilst making considerable savings in maintenance and replacement tube costs due to long LED life, they benefit from a unique pre-wired link cable connector system allowing them to be connected together in a daisy chain arrangement for very fast, simple and low cost installation. With efficacies of 80 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, these independently tested luminaires will reduce the carbon footprint of the building. 


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Available in 1.2m and 1.5m standard and 1.5m emergency version with manual test button
    • Impact resistance rating tested to IK08
    • Completely sealed fitting with Polycarbonate base and opal diffuser
    • Utilises high quality surface mount LED (SMD) technology:
      • Provides superb light output
      • Exceptionally low power consumption
      • Ensures lumen depreciation & CCT shift is minimised
      • Long rated LED life of 50,000 hours
      • High efficacy


    • Strong and durable with anti-vandal properties
    • Provides ingress protection of IP65 against dust and water jets
    • Will not corrode so provides long life
    • Compared to T8 fluorescent:
      • Extremely high light output and is better than one for one so reduces total product and installation costs
      • Contributes to energy efficiency and reduction of building CO2
      • Light output and colour is consistent over life
      • No maintenance cost for replacement tubes or access equipment
      • Provides compliance with current & foreseeable efficacy legislation

Application Areas • Farm buildings • Wet areas • Outside walkways • Warehouses • Storage Areas • Industrial units’ • Garages • Workshops • Car parks • Changing rooms 


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