Excellent rep available, free of charge, to boost your ROBUS sales!

The ROBUS appeal

Over the past 3 years we have invested heavily in developing the product demonstration  skills of our area sales managers.

Our team of 25 are now running excellent joint days in the field with branch reps. 

What benefits can booking such a day have on your business?

—  Planned a week in advance, all appointments will be booked and confirmed with
       an expectation of 5 calls in one day.
—  Your local ROBUS rep arrives at 8.30am with wired products and promotional
      materials for the days demonstrations, supported with literature etc.,  Contractors
      can choose from our joint day selection box (link to Selection box doc) and also
      take away a product of their choice.
—  The day ends with your ROBUS rep returning to your branch for a full review
      of the calls, outlining any actions that have come from the appointments.
—  Demonstration materials are left with your branch rep so they can continue
      to use them thereafter.