1 We always do what we say we will do – this is our main company value – no matter who you deal with in the LED Group ‘a promise made is a promise kept’. 2 Joint field visits – we are happy to service your customers and attend dual site meetings to assist your branch sales team. We strive to put orders on your desk.
3 13 years experience in LED lighting – making us one of very few LED brands that can stand by our guarantee. 4 Dedicated and empowered sales team – the largest and most motivated, committed and driven lighting sales teams in the UK and Ireland with over 250 years experience (they don’t look it)!
5 Customer focus – our customers are the reason we exist. 6 General stock availability levels are at 98.92% while our top selling products have a 99.15% stock level year to date. This means you will
always receive your order complete.
7 Research & development investment is key –bringing new and innovative products to market with customer involvement. We have over 15 people
employed in R&D and N.P.D.
8  Quality products at competitive prices, allowing the wholesaler to retain a healthy margin.
5 Brand leader – the ROBUS brand sits in the top position in our local Irish market, sits in the top3 brands in the UK and with a long and proud tradition of commercial success it is our intention to gain brand leadership in every market we serve. 15 Customer service ‐ we have a very strong back up team at our Brisbane head office, always available to assist customer queries should you local area sales representative be unavailable.
6 Tried and tested – with over 30 years service,
we continue to carry out in-house and external
certification tests. We are the first company in the world to receive approval on the UK’s LIA Verification scheme.
16 Our house is your house – the ROBUS visitor and conference centre in Dublin is available to stockists for customer visits or branch / group meetings.
7 www.ledgrouprobus.com has a full library of product information, from images to features & benefit sheets, instruction leaflets, brochures to photometrics. 17 www.robusdirect.com is recognised as the best online ordering system in the industry – for stockists only.
8 Marketing tools and support – we offer product information and marketing tools to help you grow your business and promote the ROBUS range. Tried and
tested with 31 years experience.
18 Innovative promotions  – we regularly provide sales in and sales out offers to keep business interesting; our goal is always to have a win win scenario for both yours and our bottom line!
9 Our route to market is 100% through the wholesaler. 19 Family owned – a global company, growing at a fast pace (some would say record breaking); but we retain the warm, service-led feel of a family business. All profits are reinvested.
10 International – operating in over 40 countries
worldwide, our global presence enables us to meet the current and future needs of our customers and the aspirations of our people.
20 And finally; Customers for life – Once you choose to start to work with ROBUS we know you will stay!