The new ROBUS TRIUMPH ACTIVATE 8W IP65 LED dimmable downlight provides the best of today’s state of the art technology combining Driver-on-Board (DOB) and Chip-on-Board (COB) LED Technology. Available in cool white and warm white, the high specification of the ROBUS TRIUMPH ACTIVATE makes it the downlight of choice, outperforming all current LED downlights in its class. 


The ROBUS innovation of a low profile LEDCHROIC™ 38° optic and reflector technology gives the TRIUMPH ACTIVATE the traditional look of a dichroic lamp with the efficiency of LED technology. The robust COB technology allows the installer to interchange the lens with a LEDCHROIC™ 60° optic lens which provides an extra wide beam for bespoke lighting using the same lens form factor.

The wide flange on the TRIUMPH ACTIVATE makes it an ideal retrofit halogen replacement for renovations, as well as in new build, achieving the same light level using circa 44% less fittings, reducing installation costs and dimmable as standard.

Compared to 50W GU10 halogen, the TRIUMPH ACTIVATE produces over 35% more light output so fewer fittings may be used for the same lighting effect, reducing energy and electricity costs.

ROBUS recognises customer expectations on colour consistency, therefore we select our TRIUMPH ACTIVATE LEDs from a class leading 3-step Macadam bin in order to ensure accurate and repeatable colour performance.



With an efficacy of more than 80 luminare lm/cctW, the TRIUMPH ACTIVATE provides energy savings in excess of 90% and is compliant with Part L1 & L2 UK Building Regulations.

The superb new ROBUS TRIUMPH ACTIVATE LED downlight combines the latest state of the art technologies including:

- Activate true Driver-On–Board (DOB) technology eliminates the electrolytic capacitor and provides driver efficiency and reliability to improve LED lifetime.

- Latest Chip-on-Board (COB) LED technology delivering a high lumen output of ≥640lm in a single beam, low power consumption of 8W and low heat emissions.

- LEDCHROIC™ Optic delivers even light distribution, uniformity and clarity, replicating traditional dichroic

- SWIFT Connector System a 4 terminal male/female plug & play connector for fast, simple and efficient installability

- Plug & Play emergency option simply connects between main supply female connector and fitting male connector for easy retro-fit.

- TwistNLock high quality white detachable bezel with chrome and brushed chrome bezels available to order as an accessory

The 5 year warranty underpins the ROBUS promise on the quality and reliability of this fire rated downlight. Fire tested and approved for use in 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rated ceilings, the TRIUMPH ACTIVATE can be expected to operate effectively for an average of 50,000 hours.


For more information on the ROBUS TRIUMPH ACTIVATE pick up a brochure available at all key stockists and check out the new website and video here