ROBUS are delighted to announce that six ranges of LED products have been awarded the Declaration of Conformity which complies with the eligibility and performance criteria requirements of The ECA Energy Technology Criteria List.




Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA’s) are a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through accelerated tax relief on the cost of lighting products, transport to site and cost of installation.

The Energy Technology Criteria List (ETCL) presents the energy-saving performance criteria that ECA qualifying equipment must meet.

ROBUS are proud to announce that six of their product ranges meet these requirements as follows:









• ETERNITY LED Downlight – 18W & 25W




• GOLF LED Surface Fitting – 10W




• SPACE LED Panel Fitting – 30W & 40W



• VULCAN LED Corrosion Proof  – 2 X 40W, 1 X 24W, 2 X 24W

So what does this mean for the end user?

Consider this example for a business paying tax at 20%
             • If non-approved lighting is installed

For every £10,000 spent the tax bill is reduced by £360 in year one
           • If any of the above ETCL approved ROBUS LED lighting is installed

For every £10,000 spent the tax bill is reduced by £2000 in year one

In other words, the ECA can provide a cash flow boost of £1,640 for every £10,000 it spends in the year of purchase. Effectively the Government are reducing the cost of installing ROBUS Energy Technology Criteria List approved lighting by 16.4%.

Investing in ETCL approved ROBUS lighting reduces operating costs, improves energy efficiency which results in lower energy bills, reduced climate change levy payments and shortens payback periods.

So the next time you are thinking about in investing in LED lighting think about future operating costs, not lowest purchase cost. Think ROBUS approved ETCL quality lighting by LED Group.

For project or product advice please contact your local ROBUS Area Sales Manager

For businesses with questions about the ECA scheme or the ETL please visit Enhanced-capital-allowance-scheme-for-energy-saving-technologies or contact the ETL Team on 0300 330 0657 or email: ECAQuestions@carbontrust.co.uk.

For tax enquiries relating to the ECA scheme, please contact Tunde Ojetola at HM Revenue & Customs on 03000 585 916 or email: tunde.ojetola@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk